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We do two things really well. We help self-storage facilities by catching their calls, and providing tools that find new tenants and extend the stay of your current tenants.
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What’s a more important
metric for Occupancy?

The answer is both

Reason #1

Know what it costs to get a tenant into a unit by lead source

Know what it costs to get a tenant into a unit by lead source.

Lead Type: (Ranked by Highest to Lowest ROI) Est. Acquisition Cost per


Website (SEO)


Drive By





Reason #2

Once rented, know how to put off the next
acquisition cost for that unit as long as possible.

Extend the Stay™ happens when you consistently deliver a positive tenant experience by providing the following

Friendly service // Catch their calls

Ease of access // Gate codes

Support for questions // Chat, calls, emails

Payment convenience // IVR, PaybyPhone, Mobile Pay

Mobile app for connectivity // Direct access to their unit-personalize (See MyStorPal™ for your turnkey solution)

Reason #3

Understand your direct ROI

Return On Investment (ROI) is equal to Total Revenue minus Total Cost, divide by Total Cost and multiple by 100.

Reason #4

Be prepared to catch their calls

More calls to properties today directly due to the smartphone

Extend your hours of coverage with XPS

Expand your staff inexpensively with XPS during the day

Calls during primary hours (8-5, M-F) are about equal to after hours calls in our 1,00’s of properties

Reason #5

XPS is built to keep your property rented up

We are delivering tools and tracking for your property to help you compete with the REIT’s


1 in 5 properties are REIT's today


Non-REIT Non-Institutional Quality Properties


Non-REIT Institutional Quality Properties

It’s time

Let us help you compete

We have 3 ways we can immediately impact occupancy and average stay