XPS Solutions | About
We do two things really well. We help self-storage facilities by catching their calls, and providing tools that find new tenants and extend the stay of your current tenants.
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Our role on your team

XPS Solutions is dedicated to self storage.  We build tools, integrate to your site management system, develop mobile technology and support tools that enable you to compete and win rentals in your market. We know self storage and can be a seamless extension of your property seven days a week.  

Our history

We’ve been in the industry since 2000 and are the original centralized sales and support center for self storage properties.  Our mission is to help your property compete with the REIT’s in your market.  We look for areas where we can impact your occupancy and your average stay.  That includes catching calls, creating SEO solutions, providing tenant support, even delivering a best-in-class mobile application for Tenants, we are in this to win with you and your team.


The only thing we will likely follow is your needs.  The rest we will create.  We check our egos at the door so that we can continue to ask the right questions and get a little better every day.  We want to understand what your needs are and we’re ready to help you get there-whatever it takes. Nothing stands still here-because the self storage business continues to change and we are changing with it.  We are passionate about self storage and we continue to see ourselves as trailblazers-never a copycat.

Reputation Optimizer


Let us help you increase your search engine rating organically.



Introduced the first mobile app in the self-storage industry designed specifically for your current tenants.



Introduced the first comprehensive outbound program for following up with prospective tenants.

Expanded Again


Moved into 28,000 s.f state of the art building with redundant generator and internet systems to ensure continuous operation.



Launched the first automated Pay-by-Phone technology for secure payment processing of Tenant payments 24/7.



Live chat tool and support for clients and their customers.<br />



Created and launched TenantBuilder™, a direct mail and phone campaign designed to drive more Commercial Tenants to our clients properties.

API Launch


Launched API technology designed to integrate into Site Management Systems allowing real-time access to live inventory.

Hello XPS Solutions


We changed the company name to XPS Solutions to better reflect our direction and purpose.

1st Web-based CRM


Introduced the first Web-based CRM for our Self Storage Clients.

Tenant Payment


Processed our first Tenant Payment with a Live Agent



Moved into a 10,000 square foot facility with backup generator and redundant internet connectivity ensuring a reliable service level.

Self Storage Call Center


XPS Services pioneered the first Call Center solely for Independent Self Storage Operators.