XPS Solutions | Self-Storage
We do two things really well. We help self-storage facilities by catching their calls, and providing tools that find new tenants and extend the stay of your current tenants.
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We can help

self-storage owners rent up and retain

We do two things really well

We help self-storage facilities by catching the calls and providing tools that find new tenants and extend the stay of your current tenants.

For any size self-storage facility

XPS Solutions ensures that all calls are answered, especially prospective customers. Our goal is to help drive show rentals, establish a reputation and ultimately increase opportunities. 




How we do it


A customer can reach out to your facility by call, email, or text.

XPS Dashboard

Our team is trained and ready and our dashboard tracks the results in-realtime.

Self-Storage Owner

Every event is measured to help you increase tenant rentals and lower acquisition costs.

Products and solutions

Some of the solutions offered include call packages for any size self-storage facility, a dashboard tool to review data and analytics, online reputation builder, and a self-storage app for you to offer to your tenants.

MyStorPal™ App




24/7 PayByPhone™


Reputation Optimizer

Reputation Surveyor


1,000s of Self-storage owners use XPS Solutions

Think of it as cover and move. It’s teamwork. XPS enables you to compete with the REITS.